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James Earls – Born to Walk

James Earls
8th October to 10th October 2021


8th October to 10th October 2021




James Earls


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Walking is one of the most common daily functions, but one of the least understood biomechanically. To understand anatomy the therapist must first understand function.

In this workshop we analyse the mechanics of efficient gait, looking at the chain of movement events from the feet to the spine and into the shoulders. Upon completing this course you will have the tools to understandreal-life movement and will be able to apply these tools clinically to provide the body with different strategies to modify symptoms and enhance efficiency


Based on the well researched and well received text of the same name, this workshop is designed to help the therapist understand functional anatomy. In this workshop we analyse the mechanics of efficient gait, looking at the chain of movement events from the feet to the spine and into the shoulders. We explore how gravity and momentum work in concert with joints and the fascial and myofascial tissue to improve proprioceptive communication, muscle firing, and collagenous tissue recoil.

You will come away with the tools to investigate, analyse and intervene in non-pathological walking. We will explore the many ways in which collagenous tissues assist movement efficiency and then learn how to build a personalised movement program to improve your clients’ gait.


  • The workshop will be split into roughly equal time on
  • Presentation of the underlying principles
  • Interactive Postural and Functional Movement Analysis, and
  • Learning functional movement interventions and assessments to explore how your client uses their body


  • Assess your client’s postural and movement strategies with greater accuracy
  • Analyse the motion of the spine
  • Understand the connections between the pelvis and the feet and provide different strategies to increase variability
  • Assess the feet and their role in shock absorption
  • Relate textbook anatomy to your client’s actual movement patterns
  • Apply Myofascial Slings  & Robert Schleip’s Fascial Fitness in function
  • Effectively identify those patterns involved in the client’s symptoms and provide alternative movement strategies


Present an introduction to the geometry/character of the connective tissue, to understand fascial andanatomical links throughthe body & the sequence of events through the joints in normal gait.

Supply you with anunderstanding of fascial recoil and the roles ofmechanoreceptors in the myofascia.

To fully appreciate the significance of tensegrity of fascia and human movement.

Let you explore what improves muscular engagement, the concept of pronation as an essential event, why we flex our elbowsto run, and many more functional connections and interactions.

Give you the tools to apply various gait assessments and then construct alternative movement strategies to help unwindandmodify less efficient or symptomatic patterns.

Providing you with a fun, relaxed, informative and empowering experience that you canimplement the next day in clinic.


This course is suitable for any professional working in MSK care, including; Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Soft Tissue Therapists and Sports Therapist. If your qualification is not listed or if you are unsure if this course is suitable for you please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it.

Course Details

    Course Date : 8th October to 10th October 2021

    Course Venue : Bristol

    Course Cost : £ 450.00 (pay by instalments available please email

    Course taught by : James Earls

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"I just wanted to share my thoughts about the standards of teaching at The Massage Training School, Exmouth & Bristol. Today I attended the BTEC level 5 therapists in their final assessment and I commend both your tutors and your students. Whilst I've no idea about the world of massage therapy, I teach and assess students at degree and masters level and was credibly impressed with their level of knowledge, the attention to detail from tutors and the students' professionalism. I also have to say that just 5 minutes of sports & remedial therapy on my shoulder has achieved more than hours of other therapy. A credit to the standards at the school. Many thanks!"
James Hester

Head of Drums at BIMM Bristol & Triathelete (PACTri)

Anna-Maria is an incredibly knowledgeable tutor and her passion for the industry is completely evident in the way she delivers each session. She seamlessly includes critical thinking and challenges her students to do the same and this element becomes more of a focus as the course develops. The School is forward thinking in its approach to evidence-based practice with a client-centred approach and I continue to benefit from the latest learning by attending CPD events. As a past student, it is great to know that high quality content is still available, as is the growing community of ISRM members.
Chris Lander

Pulse Therapy

I found the CPD format very easy to follow and was very impressed by how interactive it was. The content was thorough, yet simple to understand. I found this style to be less intimidating as a newly qualified STT which allowed me to get involved in the polls and questions. I found the 3 tutors presenting to have the perfect mix of personalities, knowledge and delivery.
Leila Jackson

Soft Tissue Therapist

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