The Knee – Assess, Treat and Rehabilitate Knee pain


A current evidence informed approach on the Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Knee Pain for any Massage, Sports and Soft Tissue Therapists wishing to update their knowledge.

Assess, Treat and Rehabilitate Knee pain is a one day practical workshop where you ll learn exactly that: Assessing, treating and rehabilitating Knee pain.

This course is designed especially for Massage and Soft Tissue Therapists who want to update their knowledge to help people with their Knee Joint Pain, weather it is following from an acute injury or connected to a condition like Osteoarthritis.

Course content will include:

• Introduction to pain science in relation to knee pain
• Understanding knee pain within a BPS framework including common causes of pain and injury of the knee
• Learn to assess the joint and recognise when to refer
• Looking at different knee specific tests and their reliability
• Learn diverse soft tissue approaches for treatment for knee pain and to improve range of movement
• Evidence informed rehabilitation protocol for knee pain, including progression and regression baselines
• Returning clients to activities of daily living, sport and meaningful activities
This is a practical course and there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss real life cases that you have encountered in clinic.


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Anna Maria identifies herself as a Soft Tissue Therapist as she feels that title best represents
the wider approach to care is provided by a Modern Massage Therapist.
Professionally trained in Massage Therapy in 2002, continued through the vocational
qualifications pathway with the Diploma in Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy
but also obtained a a degree in BSc (Hons) in Sports Therapy which further reinforced her
beliefs in supporting vocational qualifications in the field of Massage Therapy.
As a result she has established and still is the lead tutor for The ST School which is a well-
regarded training provider delivering the Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy (BTEC level 5) in
Exeter, Bristol and Birmingham.
Through her clinics and schools, she is driving a change in Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy
by pushing for better understanding and inclusion of Evidence Based Practice in vocational
qualifications and champions the role of Touch and Manual Therapy as part of modern
Widely recognised as an expert in her field, Anna Maria had the privilege to be part of an
international group of highly respected researchers and academics and co author three
papers which are all still in press.
She is a voice behind The Massage Matters podcast which aims to support Massage
Therapists of all levels being comfortable with understanding and applying evidence
informed approaches in their practice.
Her delivery is fun, expressive, and passionate, facilitating interaction and discussion of