Strength & Neuromuscular Conditioning For Rehabilitation


An evidence-based comprehensive course that introduces you to the fundamentals of strength and neuromuscular conditioning within rehabilitation settings and takes you right through to learning how harness contemporary scientific principles to optimise your outcomes with patients. Delivered by Dr Claire Minshull, one of the UK’s most highly respected rehabilitation specialists and founder of Get Back to Sport.


Course content will include:

Components of neuromuscular function/dysfunction
The emergency response: rapidly harnessing harmful joint forces
Understanding strength
Critical evaluation of the contemporary literature
Specificity, overload, progression; the principles of resistance training
Design of rehabilitation to optimise strength gains
Periodisation in rehab
Clinical exercise adaptation
Dose-response prescriptions for true muscle strengthening, AND muscle power interventions for clients!


This course aims to expand your knowledge on the detailed aspects of strength and neuromuscular function and the key principles that drive adaptation and thus recovery.

You will learn immediately deployable skills and techniques to enhance your clinical rehabilitation practice and the subtle, but important changes that can translate into big gains for your patients.

Practical sessions will include programme design and evaluation and assessments.


Expand your rehabilitation toolbox of exercise prescription
Understand how to manipulate exercise programmes for different conditions and get better, faster results
Learn training techniques that can attenuate performance losses even when the limb is immobilised in a cast!
Learn the limitations of prescribing 3 sets of 10! Understand why older patients should be performing heavy resistance training and how to do this


This course is suitable for any professional working in MSK care, including; Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Soft Tissue Therapists and Sports Therapist. If your qualification is not listed or if you are unsure if this course is suitable for you please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it.


Claire has worked in the field of sports medicine for >20 years as a Senior Lecturer, Researcher, Consultant and as a Practitioner. She has designed, led and managed major clinical and non- clinical research trials, supervised several PhD students, and has published over 30 research papers in leading peer- reviewed sports medicine journals. She is regularly invited to speak at national and international academic and professional symposia, writes for sports magazines and, serves as expert reviewer for several scientific sports medicine and physiology peer- reviewed journals.

Claire’s research and teaching interests include the influences of exercise, training and rehabilitation on dynamic joint stability, neuromuscular, musculoskeletal and psychobiological performance. Her work also focuses on assessing neuromuscular function optimally and developing specialised rehabilitation protocols for enhancing functional and performance. Claire’s area of expertise means that she uniquely spans the gap between the physiology of conditioning and physiotherapeutic rehabilitation.