The ST School at Therapy Live  

The ST School have been proud partners of Therapy Live since its inception. And this year we have gone even further and the Physio Matters team have given us the honour of curating a whole stream – Hands on Healthcare!


What is Therapy Live?

Now in its third year, Therapy Live is the largest MSK event in the world. Run by the Physio Matters team, it has gone from strength to strength since it was adapted to online events in 2020. They have hosted 6 events of various sizes with a total of 255 webinars by 320 speakers to over 50,000 attendees! Therapy Live brings accessible, high-quality education to all musculoskeletal therapists, breaking down barriers and raising standards of care. An aim and ethos very much shared by The ST School.

Hosting Therapy Live online allows for an unrivalled number of speakers from across the world. Speakers are organised into streams to allow therapists to easily navigate the most relevant talks to them. This year’s streams include – Upper Limbposium, Lower Limbposium, Spinal Symposium, The Female Patient, Advanced MSK practice and, of course, The ST School curated stream Hands on Healthcare.

Why Hands on Healthcare?

Why have we taken on a whole stream at this year’s event? The ST School has always been passionate seeing massage and manual therapists better represented at MSK events and this was the perfect opportunity to bring together some of the greatest minds involved in using hands-on approaches. We wanted to create a space for sensible, evidence-informed discussions about the place manual therapies have in modern healthcare and a space for multidisciplinary discussions. The Hands on Healthcare stream reflects exactly that, a core value of ours that no matter what your qualification is, be it Soft Tissue Therapist, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Osteopath, Sports Therapist etc…,we should all be working collaboratively, cross professionally to support people in pain and learn from each other.  Finally, as with any therapist education we are involved in, for us the talks in the Hands on Healthcare stream needed to be genuinely clinically applicable. We understand the financial and time commitment required to attend any CPD therefore we always want therapist to completing any CPD we are involved in to walk away feeling that they have learned things that will inform and enhance their work with their clients next time they are in clinic.

Who is in the Hands on Healthcare line up?

We are so excited about the amazing line up of speakers that have agreed to join us on our stream and we are confident that the depth and breadth of speakers and topics will ensure that there is something to spark everyone’s interest. Here is a list of some of the speakers and talks at the Hands on Healthcare Stream….Tune in to see the rest

Professor Jorge Esteves – The Role of Touch in Therapeutic Alliance

What a way to kick off the Hands on Healthcare Stream! Professor Jorge Esteves is an osteopath, cognitive scientist and educator. He is instrumental in the re-conceptualisation of osteopathic care.

At The ST School we’ve been talking for a while now about the role that touch plays in building therapeutic alliance, a relationship between the therapist and clients whose importance is being increasing recognised. So, we were fascinated to hear of the work that Professor Esteves and his colleagues, Zoe McParlin, Francesco Cerritelli and Karl J. Friston are doing on this subject. They’re article Therapeutic Alliance as Active Inference: The Role of Therapeutic Touch and Synchrony really caught our interest as they are exploring the role of touch as integral in creating therapeutic alliance cornerstone of bps practice. We can’t wait to hear more.

Paul Coker – Vestibular Assessments in Pain

Paul is a long-standing friend of The ST School and when he speaks, we learn! Paul is a physiotherapist with over 20 years’ experience in a wide variety of settings – from NHS to elite sport across the world. He held the position of Medical Director of Rocktape UK for 8 years and was instrumental in developing their post-graduate education programme.

Paul is a self-proclaimed moving optimist and is dedicated to helping people in pain move more. This has led him to consider the role of the vestibular system in pain and ways of using this system to help people with their rehabilitation from pain and injury. Could rotating the head while walking make your pain better? Come and listen to Paul to find out.

The Massage Collective – Making the Most of Muscle Energy Techniques

If you know The ST School no doubt you have come across The Massage Collective. Matt Scarsbrook, Anna Maria Mazzieri & Becky DeMott Horton are three passionate Soft Tissue Therapist, educators and hosts of the Massage Matters Podcast with plenty to say on the subject of Hands on Therapies.

In this talk they’ll be taking a deep dive into Muscle Energy Techniques – where they came from, how they work and their clinical applications. METs are one of the hands on techniques which bridges professions and often shows dramatic results but what are the mechanisms behind these results and are we using them to the best effect – The Massage Collective discuss!

Ove Indergaard – Shockwave: Uses beyond Tendinopathy

Ove a physiotherapist and one of the few who have achieved the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports and Exercises Medicine Gold Accreditation as a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist. Ove is committed to taking an evidence informed approach to the application of technology in MSK therapy and is an educator in ShockWave therapy.

The uses of Shockwave therapy in tendinopathy is well documented but are we overlooking other potential uses of this therapy? Ove takes a look at the evidence….

Professor Chad Cook – Mechanisms Associated with Manual Therapy

Our aim with the Hands on Healthcare stream was to bring together clinicians, thinkers and researches who are making a difference to the understanding of Manual Therapy. Professor Cook represents just that.

Undoubtedly the foremost expert in manual therapy research, Professor Cook puts manual therapy to scrutiny so we can understand more and give accurate explanations of our techniques to our clients.

Manual Therapies have, in some cases rightly so, taken some heat over recent years, it’s long been our feeling that much have that has come from a justification of its use coming from out-dated and biologically implausible explanations. Professor Cook has been at the forefront of starting a better, more evidence-informed conversation around manual therapy. We are so excited to have him on the steam and can’t wait to hear the discussion

Helena Bridge – Migraine: What we need to know

We are thrilled to have engaged Osteopath Helena Bridge to present her and her colleagues’ work on Migraine.

Helena is part of a collaborative teaching team called OPHM. It’s a group training in Headache management, one that is making evidence-based, clinically informed headache education accessible to health professional so we can be better at helping people with migraine and other headaches.

Panel Discussion – Steven Vogel DO, Kenneth Young (Chiro), Vasileios Georgopoulos (Physio)

A new way of Practicing and Teaching Manual Therapy

This is the interprofessional panel which will bring the whole stream together. Steve Vogel  Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) at the UCO and Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine, Kenneth Young Doctor of Chiropractic Senior Research Fellow – Musculoskeletal Health, University of Central Lancashire and Vasileios Georgopoulos Advanced Physiotherapist Practitioner and Research Fellow for the Pain Centre of the University of Nottingham will be discussing the barriers of practising and teaching Manual therapy in a time when some of the foundations MT was based on have been challenged by research.

This is a particularly interest panel as it represents also the interprofessional discussions  which should be taking place between different MT disciplines as ultimately we are all working in MSK care.

Diane Jacobs – Skin: The Outside of the Brain. A DNM approach to Touch

As show stoppers go you can’t do much better than Diane Jacobs! Diane is one of the great thinkers of our time in manual therapy. From a Physiotherapy background, Diane wanted to make better sense of the benefits, uses and mechanism of manual therapy for people in pain.

This led her on an incredible journey of research culminating in the proposal of Dermo Neuro Modulation (DNM) an approach to manual therapy which takes greater consideration of the effect we have on the cutaneous nerve. Regardless of your profession, if your treatment involves touch then we all have much to learn from Diane, in this talk she will be talking about the DNM approach and her journey with it.


Come and join us….

We hope this has whetted your appetite and you are as excited about the line up as we are. And remember this is just one of six incredible streams on the day. All the recordings will be available to ticket holders after the event so you can spend your day with us without the worry of missing out on the other fantastic speakers. We’ll see you there!