To say the last couple of months have been interesting would be somewhat of an understatement, but we’re so impressed with how our students have risen to the challenge.

We’ve moved classes online where possible to help keep everyone on track, and will be making arrangements for all hands-on practical time to be made up in full.  We are passionate about providing the highest quality education possible and will not let any of our students feel they have been left behind in the disruption.

We’ve also been working hard behind the scenes with our forums of students and graduates, bringing them fresh and exciting content from leaders in the industry from around the world.

This has included live interviews with James EarlsAlice Sanvito and Mel Cash, regular webinars providing support and guidance and pointing everyone in the direction of some superb learning opportunities!

As lockdown measures continue to relax we will be supporting all our students and graduates back into practice as safely as possible and in line with the government advice.  This will include getting back in the classroom too, so keep your eyes peeled for further updates!