Matrescence 002

A term that is used to describe the journey to motherhood, more familiar to us is to use the term ‘adolescent’ to describe teenagers, we allow them space and understanding during this phase.  We expect them to make mistakes, test boundaries and find their place within the world as well as recognise the key hormonal changes taking place within their bodies.

Matrescence is a term that we can use to recognise that mothers need a similar space and understanding. From conception and beyond a mother will never be the same again. The journey of hormonal changes is just the beginning, our brain changes, our bodies change and our social and career worlds change.  

A mother Flamingo will lose their pink, whilst she is giving all of her nutrients and time to her babies she loses the vibrant colour she is famous for. We’re not actually that different, although ours isn’t as visual (unless you count some tired eyes!), we very much sacrifice our own identities and needs throughout parenthood. 

Why is this important? And what does this have to do with Massage? 

It means that as a society we need to start valuing the journey of motherhood. We need to recognise that actually in that first trimester women need to be supported, need to be able to talk openly about worries, concerns and feelings.

Later in pregnancy, our bodies change, physically yes but also our relationship with our body changes, we might struggle to accept what we see. 

Then there’s the financial worries, the relationship worries, the aches, the pains, the supplements, what we can and can’t eat, car seats, buggies, are we going to breast or bottle feed, the list really is endless and that’s even before the baby arrives! 

The point is, it is hard, life and our bodies as they have been before completely change and this term gives this phase or journey a name. If we know someone is entering matrescence and the physiological, psychological and social changes this encompasses we can begin to treat them with the empathy and understanding they need. 

Stress and anxiety do have a correlation with interventions at birth and can move a low risk pregnancy to one with perhaps one with a few more complications. 

Pregnancy Massage is incredibly valuable, it calms the nervous system, reduces stress and anxiety at what can be a really overwhelming time. I feel privileged to be in a position to work with clients that are on they’re motherhood journey, I understand how wonderful and difficult it can be – all at the same time. 

If you want to completely relax and immerse yourself in a treatment then please do. However, if you need a space to offload, discuss some of those oh so valid concerns and worries then I also create a space for that. My children are now nearly 4 and 2 years old. I’ve experienced two very different but positive births, a midwife led birth at a birth centre and a ‘born before arrival’ birth where my husband delivered the baby in the safety of our living room and awaited the midwife! I’ve bottle fed one and breastfed the other, I’ve had a lockdown pregnancy and a ‘regular’ pregnancy. I’ve struggled with physical changes, built up fitness and then lost it again only to rebuild a year later. I’ve rebuilt a career – twice.

I am here for you on that journey through Matrescence whether that is physical or emotional, let’s start building that village.  


Soft Tissue Therapist @ The Clinic