Rehabilitation Course for Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapists


Rehabilitation Course for Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapists has been designed with the practicing Soft Tissue Therapist / Sports Massage Therapist in mind with the aim to bridge any gap in knowledge with regards rehabilitation advice

Rehabilitation Course for Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapists covers the knowledge Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapists need, to provide exercise, mobility and rehabilitation advice for helping people with Pain and Injury.

In this hybrid course Anna Maria will present:

Fundatmental Principles of Rehabilitation needed to understand when, how and what to advise clients

Application of Principles of Rehabiliation for the most common pain and injury issues presenting to the Sports Massage or Soft Tissue Therapists

Application of Neurocognitive strategies in the rehabilitation process. In simpler words integrating brain, nervous system and thinking strategies to work with learned patterns of movement behaviour.

Barriers to motivation

Integration of rehab in the Massage and Hands-on Session

What are the Principles of Rehabilitation covered?

  • Mechanotransaction: how different tissues and structures respond to load
  • Mobility, strength, endurance, balance, power 
  • Parameters of exercise: sets and reps to give and evidence behind them
  • Progression and Regression: how to monitor when and how to
  • Stages of Injury: what is safe and loading parameters

What common injuries will be covered?

  • Shoulder Pain (including the misnomer of  impingment)
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Knee Pain (including issues with meniscus)
  • Hip pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Tennis and Golfer Elbow

What else will be covered?

  • Communnication and Language strategies to improve engagement
  • Brain-based techniques grounded from current neuroscientific knowledge
  • How to integrate exercise based rehab into a massage or hands on session

Course format

  • One live online evening class
  • 1-day practical workshop


Anna Maria Mazzieri

Anna Maria is a practitioner and educator, based in the South West of England.

Trained originally in Massage Therapy in 2002,  progressed onto more clinical aspects of the profession completing a Level 5 Diploma in Clinical Sport and Remedial Massage and a BSc in Sports Therapy, the latter actually cementing Anna Maria’s belief in the value of vocational training pathway for the industry.

Anna Maria embraces the title of Soft Tissue Therapist instead of Massage Therapist or Graduate Sports Therapist, as she feels it best represents the wider approach to care that is provided by a modern practitioner in the broader, evidence informed field of massage and manual therapy.

Still in full private practice she leads a team of outstanding Soft Tissue Therapists from The Clinic which she opened in 2008.

As an educator Anna Maria has been teaching both qualifying courses and CPD courses since 2008 when she established The ST School which is one of the training providers delivering the BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy. Anna Maria’s dedication to understanding what really happens when we therapeutically touch other humans, and the introduction of Evidence Informed Practice principles, has lead her school to be regarded by the massage therapy industry – and the wider community of allied health professionals – as the Diploma’s gold standard provider in the UK.

In addition to the Diploma, Anna Maria designs and delivers a wide range of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) workshops from her Exeter base, as well as in Bristol, Birmingham and, as of 2023, St Ives in Cambridgeshire.

She is also one of the voices behind The Massage Matters podcast, and regularly features as a guest on many others, including the Sports Therapy Association Podcast and the Massage and Physical Therapists Talk Show.

Through her clinic, her school as well as via her other platforms, she has become a well-known presence in the Massage and Manual Therapy community, driving a fundamental change by pushing for better understanding and inclusion of Evidence Informed Practice and advocating the role of touch and manual therapy as part of the modern healthcare landscape.

Having been widely regarded by her contemporaries as an expert in her field for some time, Anna Maria recently was invited to be part of a number of international groups of highly respected researchers and academics and co-authored three papers, the first of which was published in August 2023, that seek to begin to address the vast lack of world class qualitative research in the field of Manual Therapy.